Nomad Factory Support


There is no License Fee for the software to be transferred to a new owner. Here's how it works...

The original owner must contact us and request the license transfer from his/her account to another account.

We need the Serial Number (Product Activation Code) of the software to be transferred, and the Full Name and Email address of the new owner.


If the original user received an iLok authorization, the iLok authorization 'CANNOT' be transferred to a new user because Nomad Factory no longer supports PACE AP or iLok protection systems. This means, if you buy a used iLok, you will not be able to use its licenses to activate Nomad Factory Plug-ins on your computer.

If you want to buy Nomad Factory software, we strongly recommend purchasing it directly from our website where you can download the latest versions of all of our products and receive a legitimate new serial number directly from the company.

This process may take up to 24 hours.

For License Transfer, please contact us here.

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